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Blu Cigs

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Blu Cigs Blu Cigs constitutes one of the most famous e-cigarette brands worldwide, as it is currently used by a great number of people from all over the world. Blu Cigs is one of the few brands that can provide the smoker an excellent overall experience and improve his general health condition, as well. Since they were firstly launched, the electronic cigarettes produced by Blu Cigs have been enjoying a great popularity among the customers, as they benefit from a significant number of advantages and a better smoking performance, as well.




Benefits of Blu Cigs

There are numerous benefits associated with Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes and one of the most significant ones is the convenience of the price. Blu Cigs provides smokers with the excellent opportunity to purchase started packs in return for very affordable prices, which can help them save important amounts of money everyday. You can get fantastic products without making a very high investment at the same time.
Opting for Blu Cigs will offer you the possibility to choose as many flavor cartridges as you want, starting with flavors like classic tobacco, magnificent menthol, vivid vanilla, cherry crush, java jolt and many others. While most electronic cigarette brands do not allow people to purchase disposable e-cigs, Blu Cigs can offer them the opportunity to purchase disposable electronic cigars without the starter pack included.

Pros of Blu Cigs

  • Blu Cigs electronic cigarette are a better option for smokers who want to enhance their smoking experience and make it more pleasurable. These e-cigarettes do not involve smoking real tobacco, so they are safer for their health condition.
  • The Blu Cigs offer people the possibility to change the flavor cartridges whenever they want and opt for the flavors they like most. From menthol to vanilla, Blu Cigs has a large variety of flavors that are meant to improve people’s experience at a great deal.
  • Blu Cigs allow people to smoke these electronic cigarettes even where smoking is prohibited. However, as these e-cigs include a heating system that vaporizes the e-liquid present in the flavor cartridges, there is no tobacco source to cause people health issues.

Cons of Blu Cigs

  • The only drawback of Blu Cigs brand is the high prices it offers for premium packs. Although there are people who would like to purchase them, their budget do not allow them to do this great investment.

Where to buy it /how much it cost?


These electronic cigarettes can be purchased from numerous locations in the United States, as Blu Cigs owns many physical stores that are meant to help people improve their experience. Thus, the price range is extremely varied, starting with $69.95 for the Original Starter Kit, $79.95 for the Premium Starter Kit, $12.00 for 1-pack of flavour cartridges, $12.95 for batteries, etc.